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Some packages that we offer. Don’t forget that we also design packages to your specific needs.

During your free coaching consultation, we’ll assess your needs and agree a coaching package that suits you. There are a few examples of coaching packages below and other options are available to meet your requirements and scheduling


One to one coaching package focussed on the specific challenges you are dealing with in your business and career. All coaching packages are delivered via Zoom and include a DISC personality profile report. Over six coaching sessions, we'll focus on the challenges you are experiencing and work out the best ways forward for you.


Four coaching and mentoring sessions focussed on gaining self-knowledge and clarity about your next steps in life, business, career, and more. All coaching packages are delivered via Zoom and include a DISC personality profile report.


Once you have completed the DISC profiling questionnaire, you will receive your in depth personality report. During this ninety minute coaching session we will explore your report and how you can use the information included to enhance your performance in both your career and in your personal life.


Six or twelve online coaching sessions over 12 months. These sessions will help keep you on track as you work towards your goals and deal with any challenges you might face along the way. Accountability coaching packages can be adapted to meet your specific needs - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Got something particular in mind or just not sure? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

WHAT MY clients say

"Since working with Francesca I have so much more clarity and focus in my business. After each and every session I feel invigorated to take actions to drive my business forward. "
Hannah o'Donnell
Hannah O'Donnell Coaching
"I don't think I'd be where I was with the startup, and indeed my personal life, without the assistance. I highly recommend getting in touch with Francesca and getting her professional help. "
James Brewster
Mostly Consulting