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Read our client testimonials to see what they say about working with us.


I was fortunate to be pointed in the direction of my good coach, Francesca Aaen of Ascenso Coaching. I don't think I'd be where I was with the startup, and indeed my personal life, without the assistance.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Francesca and getting her professional help. Having a coach, like Francesca was not something I ever considered before. But she's definitely helped me gain fresh 'focus'.
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Since working with Francesca I have so much more clarity and focus in my business. After each and every session I feel invigorated to take actions to drive my business forward. Working with Francesca has really allowed me to explore my thoughts and feelings and progress in life and business with a more balanced view of how I am able to reach both my personal and career goals. I look forward to our sessions together and working with Francesca has been one of the most influential investments I have made for my business.
Hannah O'Donnell Coaching



Francesca is highly skilled at asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.  She is encouraging on taking action, and I found a sense of responsibility between sessions to move our discussions forward by putting discussion into practice.  In this way, the coaching sessions provided a source of regular accountability.

Francesca’s style is professional and upbeat.  A great listener, encourages further thinking, and always includes a call to action – encouraging progress.



The coaching sessions that I received helped me to identify some important gaps in the delivery of my business that were holding me back from working towards my shorter term and my longer term objectives. 

The sessions were of huge benefit and have given me a number of things that I can continue to work on for the future benefit of my business.



Each session with Francesca targeted different thought patterns and helped me to re-frame how I viewed myself, my situation and my perception. Across the 6 sessions, which were enjoyable and relaxing, I learned techniques and approaches to reframe my mental approach.

Since starting the coaching I have recognised a positive difference in myself. I would like to return to coaching as it has been a valuable investment in myself and will continue beyond the sessions.


Francesca’s understanding of coaching and leadership combined with an in-depth understanding of pharmacy really resonated with our pharmacists. She was able to build a rapport based on true understanding of their ‘day job’ and therefore gained their trust when offering solutions and opportunities. Her training was structured in a way that allowed everyone to bring their true self and come away owning their own development and personal plans, which was exactly what I was looking for. We are now looking at how we can access Francesca’s skills for our next cohort of new managers and would have no hesitation in recommending her work.



My sessions with Francesca are always focussed, very much about the coaching and not preaching.

Francesca’s coaching has helped me to structure my personal and professional life better as well as strengthen my resolve to move towards positive changes and results that help me stay in the right frame of mind.




I came to coaching because I felt confused, requiring clarity. I found in Francesca a coach who asked incisive questions and listened deeply when I spoke.
Francesca took me into her heart and showed me who I am. I know how much I matter and what I can offer, as a result I feel more confident than I have in a very long time, probably ever!



I found the sessions with Francesca hugely useful in helping me to focus on what I wanted right now, to bring my own knowledge to bear in approaching what needed to be done and providing me with accountability for my actions.

The next time I find myself faced with a significant challenge, I hope to be able to make use of Francesca’s coaching again to help me to fulfil my potential.